DIY Coat Rack

This year for christmas I built a nice coat rack as a present for my sister. I thought I’d just share the idea. It’s actually really simple. All you need is

  • a wooden board
  • some nice-looking hooks
  • a decorative piece of fabric or a photo that is a little larger than the piece of wood
  • screws to mount the board on your wall

I chose to use a phot that I had taken myself some time ago in the woods and get some decorative hooks that matched the woods theme. Download [download_link link=””]my photo[/download_link] if you want to use it.


Simply wrap your wooden board in the piece of cloth or fabric or photo, add some hooks for coats and screw in some loops or lugs so the whole thing can be hung on the wall.

This is what mine came out looking like:

Vandal Spur Gear Protection

Because the Vandal’s spur gear always drags in the dirt when racing this awesome car it is subject to significant wear. To protect it a little bit from the sand I cut out a tiny piece of plastic that I glued to the bottom of the chassis frame with some CA and then covered it with duct tape. I hope it lasts longer this way.

plastic glued on w/CA
plastic glued on w/CA
added duct tape
added duct tape