I built a “Dizzy Bird”

Today, me and a friend met up to finally try and build one of the famous Dizzy Birds ourselves. The whole wing is entirely made of 3mm thick Depron foam board and has a wingspan of roughly 1000mm. They came out quite wonderful, too! My friend’s flew beautifully. He built the non-powered version and it only weighs about 150 grams.

I added a 2205 1350kV 100watts 3 cell engine spinning an 8×4 prop. It weighs 341g including the 1300mAh battery. For radio components I used a FrSky X4R receiver to use with my Taranis and hooked up the little telemetry wires with A2 going to the flight pack through the tiny voltage divider FBVS-01. The remaining SmartPort wires are connected to a standard female servo connector so I can hook up more telemetry sensors in the future, maybe a vario.

I was actually too afraid to let it fly yet. It began to dawn anyway, so I’m just gonna have to wait a while to maiden the thing…